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Post Purchase Care & Complaints Procedure.

Ensuring we support your customer journey post purchase is equally as important to us as when you made your initial decision to purchase your new home from Pentland Homes.

We understand and appreciate that things can sometimes go wrong and that our prompt attention may be required to undertake remedials works to your new home in the months and years to come.

It is for this reason that we provide you with our Pentland Homes warranty, covering remedial items the first two years of your home ownership.

Post Purchase Care

Issues can, unfortunately, arise from time to time that may require our attention. If you encounter any problems with your new home during the first two years of your Pentland Homes warranty, then in the first instance please refer to your new home user guide provided at the time of your purchase completion. This document will signpost you to whether the item may require our remedial attention, or alternatively, what preventative actions you may be able to take yourself to alleviate the problem from re-occurring in the future.

If upon review of your new home user guide, the item in question should be referred to Pentland Homes for remedial action, then please contact your dedicated Customer Care representative on and we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Complaints Procedure

We would hope that we are able to resolve your issue via your dedicated Customer Care representative and team of subcontractor trades, however, we also appreciate that this may not always be the case and you may become dissatisfied with the outcome of this process.

We take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously. If we have been unable to complete any identified remedials works to the appropriate standards and you have a complaint that you wish to raise concerning our workmanship, we do ask that you let us know as soon as possible so that we may have the opportunity to further investigate and hopefully resolve the issue for you.

If you remain dissatisfied that the issue you have raised has been appropriately resolved, you are entitled to escalate the matter within Pentland Homes’ management team and to make a formal complaint.

You can do this by using our three step complaints procedure as set out below:

Step 1 – Head of Customer Care

Should our Customer Care team be unable to resolve your concerns, then please raise your complaint in the first instance with our Head of Customer Care.

We suggest you email your concerns and the grounds of your complaint, together with photographic information (if available) to our Head of Customer Care, the contact details for which can be provided to you by your dedicated Customer Care representative upon request.

Our Head of Customer Care will investigate your complaint, liaise with you directly should an inspection visit be required, and provide you with a comprehensive response to your complaint.

They will aim to resolve your complaint with the minimum of delay and will provide you with updates at the following set points:

  • The start date for your complaint will be the first business day after it has been received.
  • Within 5 working days of the complaint start date we will write to acknowledge your complaint.
  • Within 10 working days of the complaint start date we will write to you and provide our decision (if able) together with details of how any items in question have been resolved; or if we are unable to resolve your complaint within this timeframe we will write and outline how we will further investigate your concerns.

Upon conclusion of these investigations, our Head of Customer Care will write to you confirming our findings and to close your complaint.

If following our investigations, we are unable to resolve any works pertaining to your complaint, and this remains unresolved for 30 calendar days from the complaint start date, our Head of Customer Care will write to you again and update you on each item raised and provide the following information:

  • If an item is not yet resolved but the remedial actions have been agreed, what that work will entail and an estimate date of when this work will be undertaken.
  • Where an item has not been resolved and further time is needed to investigate the matter; the estimated timescale that we expect will be required to reach a conclusion.

If your complaint remains open 56 calendar days after the complaint start date, we will write again to update you on each item outstanding. This will include:

  • A summary of what action has been taken to date.
  • Details of what matters are still outstanding, a reason why, and the actions to be taken to resolve the item.
  • An indicative timescale for resolution.
  • The frequency that updates will be provided to you until resolution, which will not be more than 28 calendar days.

On addressing all items raised within your complaint, we will write to you to summarise the action taken on each and to confirm the complaint is closed. Should any item referred to the Head of Customer Care be identified as not a valid defect requiring remedial action, an explanation for this decision will be provided.

Step 2 – Commercial Director

It is our hope that all formal complaints can be resolved by our Head of Customer Care and that further escalation will not be necessary, however, if you feel your concerns have not been resolved following receipt of our Step 1 response, you can refer your complaint to the Company’s Commercial Director.

This individual has direct contact and influence with the owners of our subcontractor trades who constructed your property and can ensure that the appropriate level of resource and time is directed to completing any valid remedial items to the appropriate standard.

Should you find it necessary to escalate your complaint to Step 2 of our procedure, the contact details can be provided to you upon request from our Head of Customer Care.

Within your escalation request, we will need you to set down the specific reasons for referral to Step 2 and what part of the Step 1 resolution outcome you disagree with and your reasons why. This will enable our Commercial Director to quickly appraise the route of your concerns and to provide an appropriate response.

This ‘Step 2’ complaint will start from the first business day following receipt of your email to the Commercial Director and we will contact you in writing within 15 working days from the complaint start date with our resolution response.

Step 3 – Managing Director

In the unlikely event that our Commercial Director is unable to resolve the matter for you, then your written complaint should be sent recorded delivery to our Managing Director at:

Pentland Homes Ltd
The Estate Office
Canterbury Road
CT18 8FA

Your complaint will then be given to our Managing Director for review and final resolution.

The start date for your Step 3 complaint will be the first business day after it has been stamped received and a response will be provided from our Managing Director within 15 working days from the receipt of your Step 3 start date.

This response will explain the Managing Director’s final position in relation to the matters raised and will close the matter from the Company’s perspective.

Please note: If the Commercial Director or Managing Director directly receive a new formal complaint, it will always be referred back to Step 1 of our complaint procedure for our Head of Customer Care to acknowledge and respond. This is to ensure your complaint is appropriately managed in accordance with our 3-step procedure.

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